Grasshopper project curves on mesh surface

Hi @nrangel91, You should be able to download that file now.
Let us know if that is not the case.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for that C# component! However, I’m having a problem and I’m not sure where it lies:

I modelled a little mesh with Kangaroo and I wanted to project some curves on it. The C# does almost the whole work but somehow not in the central parts:


I don’t have a clue of why this is happening or what I could do, so any help would be appreciated:)

Projecting lines onto a Kangaroo (14.4 KB)

Thank you so much Dale! Worked perfectly

Hi, thank you so much for this, it works perfectly and fast, really good !

Great, thanks! apprecite it.

Hi Dale,
It works very well
Thank you : )

I had been searching for almost 2 hours for this very solution. Thank you for uploading this. Tremendously helpful!


It is possible the provided script is not keeping original index of curves? I mean, the index of original curves is different from the ones projected.

@dale can you please add a project curve to mesh component to Grasshopper?
It seems strange that this isn’t included already :slight_smile:

Hey @Holo,

I’ve added your wish to the pile.

– Dale

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Excuse me, I can’t see how the command works
A = Curve.ProjectToMesh (curve, mesh, dir, tol);
I have tried other procedures and the results are not the same (96.2 KB)

Hi Everyone,

Big wish for the “project curve to mesh” and could you add points as well.

I found this, but don’t know how to use it in GH:

Maybe someone can help me in the meantime…


See the attached. (14.8 KB)

– Dale

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Hi Dale
Thank you,

But does this one include points?
I can only add curves to the component.

But this guy help me out in another thread:

But thank for your reply!

Thank you!

I am trying to morph some curves from uvw coordinates onto u’v’w’ coordinates (i.e. the source surface does not use rectilinear coordinate system, but is a flattened approximation of the target surface.
I don’t want to impose xyz coordinates on the original, because I need to preserve the relationship of the mapped curves to all of the surface edges. Is there a way to do this?
uvw demo.3dm (366.5 KB)

Hello @dale and eveyone.

I was tring to pull a helix curve on mesh I created on kangaroo. But unfortunetly it gives a very scribbled projection. Has anyone found a solution for this?. I also tried the project method but no luck.
Let me know if you find my error.
Pot Design Spiral path (460.2 KB)

Pot Design Spiral path (398.2 KB)

For your shape it looks like an intersection would work better - here creating a helicoid surface by lofting the helix and a vertical line along its axis, then intersecting that with the mesh.

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Maybe something like this?

Pot Design Spiral path (468.4 KB)

Hello @DanielPiker @akilli
Both of your ways work…
Thank you.