Grasshopper object preview above RhinoPageView (Layout)

is it possible to get a grasshopper object preview above a RhinoPageView ? or are grasshopper previews only possible in RhinoViews ?

Thanks for any info

Just so I understand correctly, do you want a viewport that only shows a preview of grasshopper geometry, and a viewport that only shows rhino “baked” objects?

If so, I’ve never heard of such a thing. What you could do is move all of your baked objects aside so it would be visible in another viewport, while you have your grasshopper preview centered in another viewport.

I could offer better advice on what you could do, if I knew why you wanted this configuration.

I am guessing that when you bake geometry and you are in a layout view, it bakes onto the layout view and not the rhino view.

so flokart probably wants to be able to preview whatever he is about to bake like a title block or table.


you could write your own custom preview component and test if a layout view can have a conduit. I doubt it, but a workaround would be to bake them to the layout view with a given name, and when the geometry is changed (aka the solution is recomputed), search the given layout view for that name and delete all geometry with that name.

I need a preview before i bake the object so that size or other adjustments can be made.

One way i could think of is to get the bounding box of a object, create a detail view with the same relation size ,zoom the detail view to the bounding box.

Thanks for the workaround.