Grasshopper - Mirrored interpolation curve value inaccuracy

Hi all,

Today I noticed that the distance value of mirrored interpolation curves differ from the distances I specified (by a 0,08 mm margin). This can be seen in the right most panel showing 5999.924 instead of 6000.

The values are supposed to read like this:

Previously, I used two nurbs curves with mirror, those did not show this deviation. I only found out this occurred when I changed the components to interpolate curves. This inaccuracy shouldn’t be happening, should it?

Your curve are curved, not straight, not parallel on XZ plane.
The points you evaluate (at 0 and 0.5) are correctly mirrored.
The first distance is correctly 6000, the second must be NOT 6000.

2020-03-02 21_14_31-Rhino 6 Commerciale
Everything is correct.

Your expectations are wrong, check again what you are doing.

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Indeed, I overlooked that one. Nevermind.