Grasshopper: Isotrim first panels is missing!

Hello all, I am trying to make a script which creates staggered panels and for some reason the first panels from the start of the U domain is missing. Can anyone help? I really need this to be fixed immediately.

Staggered Paneling Script - (31.3 KB)


Sorry joseph, I got used to these components. I’ll try to resend one without plugins.

Here is one, i replaced the used plugins with native components.

Staggered Paneling Script - Job (26.7 KB)

the zero element has to be added to each branch of your V β†’ UV tree, not just to the very first branch like here:

you can use Insert Item to add a zero as first item of each branch, in such a way the first domain thus calculated will always be β€œ0 to …”

Staggered Paneling Script - (33.7 KB)

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Ahhh , that’s right! :smiley: Thank you so much