Grasshopper in Layouts

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I wanted to make an information panel for drawings. But I could not use grasshopper within the layout. Is this correct or do you suggest a different way? I like the way you can scale in a layout, but I do not want to scale the information panel that will be created through grasshopper.


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If I understand correctly, you would like GH to draw on top of the layout.
I’m not understanding the scaling part of your post so there’s probably something there that I’m missing but couldn’t you just make a detail in the layout to view the GH geometry?

Yes, i meant drawing ontop of a layout with grasshopper. Drawing geometry ontop of the layout is possible, so I thought that using grasshopper ontop of a layout would be possible too.

I don’t feel like creating the layout with the grasshopper script for the information panel in the rhino modelling enviornment because it defeats the purpous of the layouts a bit for me. I feel like doing it the old fasion autocad way then.

Maybe it is just me. It seemed to me that it would be a nice way to work with a layout instead of doing that within the rhino modeling environment.


Wim, I am considering using Grasshopper to help manage multiple layouts across the model to produce a drawing set. The most immediate application is generating schedules. Essentially I would script the formatting and data entry of the schedule in grasshopper but would then need to be able to locate that schedule somewhere on the layout. I attempted to reference a point modeled in Rhino into GH but that failed to come in. If this is a far reach, can you help me understand software that can integrate schedules / reports / spreadsheets onto a Rhino layout? This is an essential aspect of documentation.
Let me know, thanks!

I would also be most interested in this what @Tim_Halvorson1 is describing. I would also need it for schedules. But besides that it would also give a much cleaner 3d model model space. Is this already possible? Or is would this be a new feature? I would be most curious if it has ever been discussed.

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I got this to work in layouts and in model space via grasshopper

a modification of this…

Thank you @Rickson for your reply!
Besides placing a csv onto the layout, would you know of a more general method to draw lines and text on top of a layout with grasshopper? Maybe a plug in or anything?

@Rickson @david25 I ended up generating the appearance of a table from grasshopper through a series of carefully formatted lines and dynamic data extracted from user text attributes embedded into the geometry that I was receiving from a teammate. Once it was configured it worked like a charm for the remainder of the project. Just painful. At the end of the day it helped to remember it’s final format was a printed hard copy piece of paper with ink so all I needed was an automated way to generate those lines and query/format the data.

@Tim_Halvorson1 thanks for your reply! Did you have to script to draw those lines on a layout or can one do it with ready made components?

So with how we were working, we were able to break up the work into separate models. So instead of scripting something to go in the layout space, I just created a viewport looking into model space that was large enough to handle any size schedule within our scope of work (avoiding the viewport cropping off items in the schedule). That was predetermined in world XY space and then just simply re-import the template layout each time to make the mini sheet set. Just made sure to use annotation styles that scaled based on paper space to be a legible 1/8" and then yes, had to script all the lines in GH that built the table out- no special components just good 'ol fashioned logic and setting mathematical offsets.

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