Grasshopper: How to set a "zero" by using Serial


How can i get the “zero” infront of “01 - 09”, when creating the File Names for the File Path.
I dont need = “Sheet1” i need “Sheet01”
See Screenshot:
I am using “Concatenate” and “Series”

My solution was outside of Rhino with Powershell:
This Powershell Command, creates a textfile, with all names of all Excel files inside the Path i selected in the first place. This textfile i can Copy and Paste into a Grasshopper Panel.

““Get-Childitem -Path C:\Users\X\X\X -include *.xlsx -Recurse | Select-Object Directory,name | Out-File -FilePath C:\Users\X\documents\Paths.txt””

Thanks for your time !

This may help:

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