Grasshopper hole cutting problem

I have created a Solid Cylinder in Rhino that shows there as a Solid Polysurface and saved it as a file.

I created an extrusion in Grasshopper, then using the File Path/Import 3dm tools, I perform a Solid Difference between the GH extrusion and the file-referenced, solid cylinder.

The result appears to cut a surface through the extrusion not taking out the inside of the hole that the solid cylinder should cut.

I have tried this several ways, however I must be missing something simple as I can’t get the hole to open up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Post the grasshopper file with internalised geometry.


Bruce, make the cylinder longer than the thickness of your part.

If the planar faces of the cylinder are coplanar with the objects surfaces, it’s more complicated to compute the intersection.

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I recreated the layout and it works fine. Gotta be pilot error on my part.

Sorry for the side trip[.


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