Grasshopper - GHPython Script Non-Stop Running Multiple Cycles


I wrote a Python script for a parametric geometry that I am working on. I have many inputs, as well as outputs which are all titled as “Gates” which connect to other stream field components later in my grasshopper script. Anyway, I had it working before where each gate was returning only one single output value. However, for whatever reason my output values are now being doubled. Here is the message I am receiving from the script:

When I try to print one of the inputs. It prints twice. Plus, I cannot seem to toggle between the “Outputs” and “Help” tabs. When I try to, it quickly shows the “Help” tab and then returns back to showing the “Outputs” tab.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?


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Implicit cycles usually happen when you provide a list to item access inputs. The component will execute for each item in the list. This is a convenient alternative to looping within the component in many situations. Without your file it’s difficult to problem solve. Are your inputs item access? How many inputs are you providing?

My inputs all have type hints. It turns out however that one of those inputs was a list of 2 values when it should have only been one. Once I fixed that issue, my script began to work correctly.

Thank you for the help!