Grasshopper expresion output difrent then calculator?

I have the expresssion editor in gh with a mathematical equasion in it.
it gives an output that is diffrent then my calculator or wolfram alpha? does anybody know where my mistake lies? i am pretty sure it has something to do with radians and degree but not sure what to change.

expression does wiered (4.6 KB)


Grasshopper works with radians and not degrees. You can use the Radians component to convert from degrees, and then you’ll have to replace 180° in your formula by Pi.


It does look like you’re using degrees in the Sine and Cosine methods. You need to switch to radians. That means replacing your 180 with \pi, and running your x input through a Degree To Radian component.

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thanks guys. totally makes sense.
same happens when you set your calculator to rad and forget to turn it back to deg. next time you use it your screwed ^^