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How can I see (minimum) word under components for example (attractorvalue) in rhino?

Hello sailor!
You can access that setting by right clicking the center of the battery, over the component name. I should add that it is not always availiable, it depends on the component.

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Thank you so much .
It is really not available for me to do this on any component but I don’t know why .
Can I do something to make word (minimum) appear under components ?
Does rhino need to be update for example?

My problem is the error on the curvevalues component
and divide curve component.

And when I choose clear value on (kinks) at (divide curve) or (min/max) at (curvevalues) , that done :point_down:

I don’t know how can solve this problem, I thought that word (minimum) under components could solve this problem.

I’m sorry for taking so long .

First of all, welcome onboard, sailor.
Please, for future questions in this forum please always upload your .gh script.

Answering your question, You don’t need that word in order to make a component work. Those are optional settings for some specific components.

It is really important that you learn to read the error messages that the component displays when it falis.

Orange means the component failed to collect data. Red means the component failed, probably because there is something wrong with the way it is being used. Also, red wires indicate that the data that is flowing through them is incorrect. In this case you need to trace back the wires and see where it started to fail.

For example, in the last picture we can see that the error message says “Input parameter Kink failed to collect data”. I would assume that you changed the Kink input to true, when as default is set to false.

Now, when the component is red, what does the error message says? I’m guessing that the component is not working because there is something wrong with the data collected from the Curve Input.

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Ok , I will do it .

Really information which you told me is so important and very useful.