Grasshopper Animation

How to make this type animation in grasshopper

It is possible to use animation of slider, there are some discussion on this

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I understand this but how to get that dash line’s sweeping around @laurent_delrieu @HS_Kim

Use a slider hooked up to a sublist or split list component. One way of doing it at least.

gh (7.5 KB)
This my attempt upto now anymore help on this @DavidRutten @laurent_delrieu @HS_Kim

Here my go, there are many possibilities, here you have to draw the cutter, place the rotation axis …
I use Human plugin for the line drawing, this isn’t mandatory. You could use some shader …
gh (12.8 KB)


@laurent_delrieu I’ll check this out thanks… and another silly question how post the component name highlighted like this image

Use kbd tag

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Thanks again and why the image you post with definition is non downloadable for this also you have HTML tricks for this too

No trick but I don’t understand the problem
I can download everything

@laurent_delrieu problem is only for your image there no option like this

Here there is download option but when i click the image uploaded by you i can’t find it.

Hi Rosh,
The animation that you are showing is done by me. The dotted lines are got by using evaluate length, sub-curve and dash pattern. (12.6 KB)

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Wow that’s great i really love this animation could you share the process behind this type of animation @karizmar36

Try this:

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Thank you, @Rosh. I am glad you liked it. What exactly do you what to know about the animation?

@karizmar36 the process how you change from dotted lines to solid one. And whether you used any specific plugin to achieve this thanks once again.

Thank you @seghierkhaled I’ll definitely try this out

@karizmar36 any updates on this

Hey @Rosh, No, I did not use any plugin to do the animation. It was done completely using sliders and the transition from dotted to solid is got from stitching different image outputs from the sliders. You can use other software’s to stitch the images or just screen record when you move the sliders.

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Thank you so much

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