Graph Plotter

Is there any .Net graph plotter or grasshopper plugin that helps to plot graphs to 2d? I only have vertex and edge data without 3d geometry.

Similar to @AndersDeleuran work with NetworkX:

For graph 2D drawing/layout I generate a .dot file representing the graph (typically a networkx graph), and then compile that directly to a .pdf by running the GraphViz .exe as a subprocess. All from GHPython, but I see no reason why one couldn’t easily do the same from C#. I can dig up some example code if you want to have a look?

Edit: These articles might also help:

Edit2: This looks relevant:


Hi Anders,

Would it be possible to show how to set up GraphViz ?
I know you showed me back at CITA but it was a long time ago:)

Absolutely, we recently ran another bendy workshop at CITA, still using the old Smart Geometry 2016 and Lace Wall pipelines which implement this stuff. I’ll add you to the Google Drive we used. If you PM me your mail address, we can sort out the details.

Crazy that this was more than five years ago:


Times flies fast, nevertheless it is awesome work!
I remember working with this pipeline for Inflated Restraint.

I sent you a PM with my email address.
Thank you.

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Do you also have a bibtex citation / paper reference of your work using GraphViz?

Hello guys,

Leafvein can be helpful, it has View Graph component:

Personally I plot it to Markdown, that’s why I added a component that converts graphs to those flowcharts in Megarachne. But it works differently - it sets positions of vertices and edges automatically:


Yup, these two papers touch upon it from a fairly high level perspective:

I’d suggest referencing the first one as it was the earliest publication.

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Hi Anders, I would also very curious about how you set up this live updating with graphViz. Would it be possible to share an example code? or is it all internal to the project?

Hi August, apologies for the late reply. I’ve been meaning to share all this on GitHub for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I recently updated the pipeline for Rhino 7 for a workshop at CITA and used a Google Drive to issue everything. If you PM me an email address I’ll add you to this drive :slight_smile: