Graph mapper - How to draw a complex sine in a circle?

Hi all, I have been trying for some time to replicate a circular building that has paneling on the facade that follows, I think, a sine wave interpolation. I have tried using Rich Graph Mapper but it only goes up to a maximum of 10 control points, and in my case I need 14 points. So I was wondering if there is a way to increase the control points or to connect multiple graphs so that I can get the sine wave that I would like to get moreover applied to a circle. Otherwise I welcome any kind of advice because I don’t know which way to turn :sweat_smile: :sob:
Thank you very much

This is in-plane development of the elevation

what’s the equation for your “complex” sine?

you can use the expression component

The expression of the equation should be this, it is the equation of the Fuorier(?) function I don’t know if that is what it is called.


How can I apply this formula along a circumference?

Use the expression component with x being the curve parameter at a certain point.

In the expression component, add inputs for all your coefficients