Graft vs Cross Reference

I am following a grasshopper book - AAD. I experiment by trying to build the models in different ways, compared to the once shown in the book. As I was starting to think I am understanding what I am doing I ran into a big question. What is the difference between graft and cross reference in my case?

To move the circles in the y direction, I graft the circles in the x direction, making the data tree expand into separate branches so that the second move basically multiplies the circles from the x direction into the y direction. This method worked very well until I got to making the attractor, which works only in the x direction. In the example they use the cross reference, which in the case of this example should be doing the same as grafting the circles in the x direction?

Can anyone with more experience explain what I am not understanding?
I have attached my attempt. Just assign a point to the point component. (21.3 KB)

Cross Reference keeps all the values in a single steaming pile, so it’s actually much harder to deal with the multitude. Grafting will put stuff neatly into separate lists. That may be the difference you’re seeing.

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I came from the same book of the same example and did the same thing like you, just grafted it instead of doing cross reference. I am confused as well. Have you already figured it out?