Grad Students needs help again this time with SPLOP


I would appreciate any input. I am using Rhino 6. I am creating the center of a piece. It is basically a hollowed out sphere with “extrusions” on the outside. I initially tried to flow on surface but that didn’t work. So now I have spent a bunch of time with SPLOP. It seemed like it was working until I tried to “join” or “boolean union” neither worked. I tried exploding my hollowed sphere and unioning the outside surface with the extrusions and that didn’t work. I am getting frustrated; Any ideas?

post your file please

Sadly I can’t figure out how to share it.

Hi Lisa - it may be that OrientOnSrf will help here, or Splop, just make sure that when you choose the origin point, it is a little bit inside the object so that when splopped on, it will slightly but definitely intsect the surface it is splopped onto - this will (assumaing a clean intersections) allow boolean operations to work.

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I’ll try again sploping below the surface. I gotta run to class but will try again after my class. TY

+1 on using orientonsrf I think that may do a better job for you than splop.

also remember, hit any tool or command in rhino and then hit f1 and you’ll get the help for that tool telling you how to use it and all it’s options.

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