Grabbing New Data from Excel breaks GH Wiring links from Smart Dispatch!

I don’t know why this is happening all of a sudden. I have never had this happen before within this very complicated cluster but suddenly when I toggle “Read” from False to True for this Excel Legacy data grab, it gets the data but the wires from the Smart Dispatch component to other clusters just GO AWAY, except for the one at List Item 0. Why? I can I prevent it?


After grabbing a new version of data with Read = True:

As you can see the wires coming out of the smart dispatch list outputs are gone, but the data is still there! (BTW it also broke the link to the Panel, and I reattached it just to show that the data was still there). What’s going on?

That’s @magicteddy plugin I believe.


Noooooo :scream:

I’m assuming that when toggling the input of the Excel component/cluster, it expires twice :

  • first Data is cleared, Smart Dispatch expires, recieves nothing so removes all its outputs… and the wires. Except the first one, that is strange.
  • then Data is gathered again, Smart Dispatch expires again and puts back all the outputs… but wires are gone.

Have you tried to fix the S input with a precise list, this should prevent the automatic output update ? And why is there nothing attached to the T input ?

Otherwise PM me with your file and the necessary excel files, I’ll have a look in debug (the Excel component is form Lunchbox which I have)

In the S and T inputs I went into the Manage Multiple Data or whatever it is called and hard-coded the list


I can certainly try externalizing those lists. Would that change the ‘expiration’ problem?

No that wouldn’t change the problem… But why aren’t you using a List Item for this case ?

Since last thread I have rewritten that component, try to update the gha and see if it changes anything.

magicteddy.gha (33.5 KB)

List Item pulls single items, right, so I’d need five instances to pull the five pieces of data and distribute them to the five inputs that are waiting for the data. I thought Smart Dispatch was a clever way to do that in one step. Or not, maybe.

Have to head out now but I will try that tomorrow! Thanks.

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You can add outputs to the List item !

I ran through the old version of the code and indeed I can see how it doesn’t work in your case. Should be fixed in the version above.

I replaced the gha file and relaunched Rhino and GH. I refreshed the data by “reading” the excel file, and the wiring connections to Smart Dispatch were preserved. It look like your fix worked, which is great because I’ve used SD in several places and I wasn’t looking forward to rebuilding !

Thank you!

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