GoogleMaps API

I want to retrieve shipping distance and CO2 from Google Maps. How can I do that in ShapeDiver?

You don’t. Grasshopper is not really capable of interacting with other APIs. Or rather, it is technically capable, but it would be a plugin and that would need to be supported by Shapediver, which is unlikely. Since you will use Javascript to load the Shapediver viewer you might as well use Javascript to get the information from the Google Maps API and then pass it on to the Shapediver API.

I think for Grasshopper to have easy access to APIs would be great though, especially in the context of Shapediver.

Maybe its possible to hack something together, but there is no easy way I am aware of.

ShapeDiver supports the Swiftlet plugin, which lets you make requests to REST APIs directly from within Grasshopper. As a matter of fact, we have been thinking of putting together an example using Google APIs, but in any case you can read all the documentation and examples provided with Swiftlet which give a good introduction.


Also check those links:

Thank you Swiftlet works

Get this error:
Library Swiftlet, Version, AssemblyVersion by Sergey Pigach may not be used yet.
Component Data Output may not be used.
Model uuid: 994273e9-ebaf-4b34-8574-ed992e884bf3

Model guid: eab5effb-c037-4e4a-b44d-241748777b22

Fair enough. Who knew.

@mathieu1 I notice now that it says Swiftlet is only supported on systems running Rhino 7:

Where do I switch to Rhino 7? We have a Pro account and I don’t see way to switch to Rhino 7. Shouldn’t it be here:

You can only use the versions that are stated here: Supported third-party Grasshopper plugins

If you go to the Package Manager you can also chose different versions and then install that one.

Just select a different version here and then press Install again.

Hi Armin, PRO plans only have the option of using a Rhino 6 system. You’ll need to upgrade to one of our newer plans to get the option of both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 backend systems.

@alexander.gilje You are using a PRO account as well, which does not give you access to Rhino 7. My apologies for forgetting to mention that Swiftlet is only available on Rhino 7 systems.

@ezequiel and @mathieu1 Oh, I see that you have new pricing plans. I did not even realize that.

So our 99 Euros/month Pro plan does not even have the same features as the 49 Euros/month Designer plan?

Old pro plan:

New designer plan:

Can you explain the difference between the two that would justify the double price, but not having some of those nice features?

Correction: I see that using the viewer API and direct embedding is now only possible with the 199 Euros/month designer plus plan.

Hm, so its either double the price than the PRO to get to switch systems or stay at the current price, but be stuck with Rhino 6.

Shouldn’t Rhino 7 be standard now that Rhino 7 has been out for ages and Rhino 8 is coming out soon?

I don’t want to tell you how to do your pricing, but I find it a bit odd. Basically if you are a company like us that want to use this for just 1 product/use case, you are now paying depending on which features you want. Say we need the backend API, we now have to get the 500Euros/month plan, even though we have just 1 model we are actually using. But a enterprise that might have hundreds of models might pay the same.

So I think there should be more feature parity between the plans, but a distinction of how many models you can have, because they are the ones that really use up your resources.

Now you basically have feature lockout and unless you are a very large company might never consider using the Backend API, because its simply too expensive.

Big companies probably would still have to get the largest plan because of some niche features or because they want to use a lot of models, but small companies/individuals could use your advanced features. In the end, that’s what you want, right!?

Hi Armin, we phased out PRO plans already 2 years ago (June 2021) and introduced new plans with newer features, including R7. Our PRO clients were welcome to keep the plan for as long as they wanted.

This was just a business decision. We can discuss some alternatives for your company over a video call, in case you’re interested in upgrading.