Good way to make gear

I’d like to my gear. then I try to following WebSite.

I import a dxf file after I make out this site. ( attached file )

internalGearM2z20.dxf (177.1 KB)
Some line have wave. I’d like modify to somth. but I don’t know how to do it.

Please tell me how to modify this line. or Good way to make a original gear.
Thank you very much.

I don’t know if this is good enough, but I tried cutting the “bumpy” parts by looking at the curve with Points ON as to see where the bumps starts and ends, and the use Split (Point) and cut the curve where the bumps starts and ends. Then i used BlendCrv and selected “tangent, tangent” in the dialog.

I did this only once, and the mirrored that fixed half of the cog, then joined the halves and finally, arrayed (polar) the cog 20 times.

You can see exactly where to cut when Points are On :

Fig. In this picture I had already made my cut, and pictured is the selected the curve that remained between the cuts, with points On.

I would suggest simplifying the rest of the curve as well (it has way too many control points, and for this reason it’s not going to give you a “good” start for extrusion. The rule of thumb is: as few control points as possible.

// Rolf

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I uploaded a gear gen script here.


Thank you for your comment. It’s very simple way.

Thank you for your comment. Does this macro make a rack gear and internal gear ?

It’s an external gear. I’ll have to investigate internal gears and see if I can make a version of the script for those.


Please let me know when you make the script.