Glass Rotation

Hello world! I am working on a Uni project about dynamic facades. I have a Polarized glass facade much like the electrochromic ones. What component i must add to change the opacity relative to the rotation (0% in 0 degrees 100% in 90 degrees)??

. I know this might look quite messy but this is my first week in Grasshopper and been trying to find my way in it (if you have suggestion on changing something it would be great!). Thank you!

HI @dimi_vag,

If you simply want to map the angular values to the opacity of the each window, you could remap them from a source domain from 0 to 90 degrees to a target domain from 0 to 255, and input the remapped values into the alpha channel of a ARGB color that you can then use to color the windows, or as a render material.

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Okay, first thanks for replyingso fast. Second, because as i said i am new to Grasshopper, and if it isn’t a big trouble, could you be able to show me exactly what you mean? (The components and what you connect)
Thank you very much either way.

2020-12-20 15-19-40.2020-12-20 15_29_37 (21.2 KB)

Thank you so so much, it was more than i thought, best wishes.
Happy holidays

You’re welcome, but isn’t it always? :wink: I’m glad this is what you wanted to achieve. I wasn’t too sure. I hope you don’t mind the custom GHPython component that gets the camera position and direction, and live updates it. I don’t know if there is a plugin that does this, so this was the only way I could think of.