Ghpython what is this?

Hi I’m a programmer and I’m new to rhino and grasshopper and 3d world.
I’ve just found this ghPython but from the description I don’t understand exactly what is this.

“GhPython is the Python interpreter component for Grasshopper”

So, it means that I can execute grasshopper into the python rhino scripting?
means: execute grasshopper on mac?
means: extend grasshopper with python?

sorry I’m really new to rhino world

It’s a component that allows you to execute a Python script inside Grasshopper. Extend Grasshopper in Python is more or less correct in that sense.

Currently you can also go the other direction and import Grasshopper modules into Rhino/Python scripts, so your first premise is also true. The documentation for this procedure is a bit lacking at the moment due to its newness.


Is there also a chance to import grasshopper user objects into Python?

Crystal clear

Not at the moment - but technically it should not be impossible to add the option. But practically, it might just make sense to write the cluster in standard Python?

Sure its possible, but its easier (and more fun to me!) to manipulate data in grasshopper.

Hi again 3achs,

I was just saying ‘might make more sense’ because every level of indirection, typically, adds some overhead. It should not be terrible, hopefully, in this case.


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