Ghpython - Script error

Hi everyone. Lets see if someone knows what im doing wrong.

I have a python script in grasshopper to make combinations and products from itertools. The input is a tree made from 3 variables (in this case). The script works perfectly, but when i get out of the python window, and change the input sliders, the python node gives me this error [Solution exception:Tuple is not callable]. Then i go inside the script, press play, and works perfectly.

Does anyone one why ? I have to play test inside the script anytime i change the inputs.

Thank you! :slight_smile: (8.0 KB)

Hello- it looks like it’s here -

for list in itertools.product(*nestedlist):
#    print list;
print fill

Since ‘list’ is a python function, I would not use it elswhere as a variable -

for item in itertools.product(*nestedlist):
#    print item;
print fill