GHPython loading error in latest Rhino8WIP

I do receive an error with the latest versions or Rhino8WIP when launching Grasshopper. Basically when it is the time to load GHPython module, the loading screen freezes for a few seconds and after that it is giving errors when loading any component writen in Python. I have a few different ones installed, the biggest one being the Fennec components. The same components are loading without any issues in Rhino7.

How I can correct this situation?

You may want to see if any of the related topics in Rhino WIP Feature: Get ready for .NET 6! give you more info (for instance the topic related to loading of GH1 in Rhino8 WIP linked at the bottom of the first post).

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I do used the command SetDotNetRuntime, and first I do selected NETCore, which gave me the same errors. After that I switched to NETFramework and that solved the issue. Looks like NETCore it is missing something?