Troubles with loading Fennec after last update

I have a problem with loading Fennec upon launching GH


It previously worked fine in WiP and is still working fine with V7. The only things have changed recently were: installing Rhino Nature and weekly WiP update release.

After clicking Close multiple times I got this:

I have contacted Fennec developer and his answer was:
‘‘I think this problem related to the new update which i don’t have and for problems and errors like that you need to ask Rhino developers in the forum.
Maybe they update Ghpython or they make changes.’’

Can you help?

I Piotr - I’m not seeing the images here.
Skjermbilde 2021-08-17 kl. 11.41.58

Could you try uploading these once again?

Sorry, they were displaying before.
Image 1:

Image 2:

I think this problem with GhPython. And maybe no chance to solve it in Rhino 8

Hi Piotr -
Sorry - this one fell between the cracks (while varying in width, in certain places, an entire rhino can disappear in those…).

I had been seeing similar error messages when trying a different Grasshopper plug-in on the WIP. In a recent update, those errors went away. Could you check this in the latest WIP?

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Hi Wim
No errors here, which is great, thanks you guys for fixing it.
It is worth to mention that Python section is loading quite long, like 5-10 seconds, waay longer than any other component.

Hi Piotr -

I’m not sure I understand this - is it dropping a Python component on the canvas that takes up to 10 seconds?

Nah, I meant the green progress bar at the bottom of the welcome screen.