GHopperGIS 2nd Iteration

We are very proud of our GIS plugin, GHopperGIS.
This iteration enables the user to download terrain data from different satellites and to query OpenStreetMap. Some GDAL command-line tools are also exposed as Grasshopper plugins.
You can grab a free copy here.
You are seeing a 3d representation (Cassini projection) of wind velocity from data taken from NOMADS


do you plan to make a mac version available?

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I might take a look into porting it. I’ll let you guys know.


that might be a very dandy thing then, since the poor mac users dont have anything in this direction…

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Did you end up getting anything working on Mac? I’m current looking for a GIS solution that works happily in Mac GH.

As with other the GIS Grasshopper plugins that I’ve tried on Mac, it seems there is an incompatibility with some part of OSGeo.OGR

I wonder if there is an inherent incompatability in the library or if there is another way around it. The built in shp importer in Grasshopper works fine but is Very basic.

Thanks for this, it looks very promising.

I haven’t yet managed to get it to work. The plugin throws the following error with the .dlls:

How can I sort this out?