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It’s possible to send to the Geometry cache some algorithm selecting them by name?

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Hi @lopez you might want to to check out eleFront to referencing/baking geometry. It was built initially using the idea of the Geometry Cache many years ago, but has since moved on. With eleFront you can reference by object, layers, key/value pairs, and by “BakeName” which analogous to the Geometry Cache.

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Hi Evan!
I prefer not to use GH plugins (…a plugin of a plugin…) because if the creator decides to stop the development, my GH definitions could be not more usable in the future (it’s only my personal opinion of course). Maybe some Phyton script?

@lopez of course. May I ask what is the future in this sense? 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? A lot of plugins are created to extend or add the missing features in Rhino/Grasshopper they still work 1, 5 and 10 years later. There is always a chance that McNeel depreciates a feature in the future as well and the thing you rely on is no longer supported. That’s the fun bit, who knows?!

While your immediate needs can be solved with a plug-in like eleFront or Human, all of this is besides the point. You should be able to access the Geometry Cache through a scripting interface if you would like as it should be a publicly available class. An example very loosely related you may be attempting to do can be found in this thread: