Getting past popups

I am trying to write a fbx batch exporter that takes in sldprt files. I really dont want to have to have the program close rhino each time. Is there any way to disable popups so that the project doesn’t hang or blow up?

I’m not sure I understand the problem you’re trying to solve.
That said, most commands include both dialog interface (maybe what you’re calling a popup), as well as a command line version that does not open a dialog.
If the command name is preceded with a dash, then Rhino knows you want the command line or “scriptable” version of the command.

Is that what you’re after?

That does work. Is there also a way to handle fbx export options this way?

@John_Brock can you perform something like -ExportSelected as fbx?

Hello - dashExport needs the path and file name if it is not going to show any dialogs:

! _-Export _Pause "Path and file name with extension inside double quotes"

Then you’ll get the correct command line options for the export format.


Is there an entry for export selected instead of regular export? Also, is it possible to control tessellation through code? @pascal

Hello - There is only one Export command- it requires a selection. If the format is a mesh one, and the objects are breps and not already meshes, the command line prompts will eventually get to the meshing part of the process:



Is there a way to mark down both John and you for having solutions?

I think a pint is the accepted currency for this…