Getting highest or lowest brep face?

I have a box, I can ‘deconstruct brep’ to get the faces. I want to pick either the top one, or the bottom one and place a text of the area there. So I can connect an ‘area’ to it, and I can use the centroid for the text placement. How do I sort the results of the deconstructed brep to get the top or bottom one? I can use the centroid and sort by Z value, but I don’t know how to sort things and then pick the one I want.

You can sort Z with the sort component. Then put the faces in the sorts A input. Plug A output of sort to a list item component with index 0 to get the lowest face or index as -1 to get the highest (or reverse the list and still use index 0).


Just like Michael Pryor said…


This thread might be handy: Select surface from unioned brep

This works great, thank you!