Getting bounding curves from a cell?

Hi , I am trying tot get a the border/boundary curve from a cell node in order to offset it.

I am trying to not over ask in the forum, but honestly this specific solutions are hard to find on google.
I apologise in advance.

Please find attached the image.

Post your definition.

Hi ! You mean the file ? I am new to this…I am not sure if definition = GH file ?

Read this first.


Mmm I read it and thank you for the tip, I just wanted to know if definition is the file …the text does not clarify that GH files are called definition.

Here is the file :slight_smile: thanks! The file was improved by @siemen that helped me

Chocolate (14.0 KB)

Is this what you want?

Chocolate (10.8 KB)

YES! Thanks so much! I am trying not to over flood the forum. Can I ask you what sources did you use to learn these things? Do you follow you tube videos ?


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I will check it! Thanks