Hey, I’m trying to get JSON text from an URL in Grasshopper. I’ve found a plugin named URL_Hopper, but after installed it does not show me any component (I don’t know if it’s deprecated). URL_Hopper | Food4Rhino

I’ve found a Python definition also, but I don’t know how to deploy in a Grasshopper Python Component. I’ve copied the text and make method, url, data string, header, retry inputs and a responseFromServer output (?). The code is in HTTP Request function with retry for IronPython · GitHub

I don’t know how to achieve this json request, any help?

I took the iron python example you posted and put it into a python script in gh.

works for example site, not sure what all kind of requests you want to make. (5.1 KB)


Thank you so much Nathan, it worked flawless :two_hearts: