Get internal area

Hi Guy,
In this model below I have many surfaces and how I can get the internal area, show the order number in plan
Thanks All
Get internal area.3dm (453.7 KB)

It’s not perfect but maybe this will get you started (13.6 KB)

Check this as well… You should change your rhino absolute tolerance fr 0.001 to 0.01. (58.3 KB)


I can’t read your R7 .3dm file in R6 so started with @HS_Kim’s code that has your geometry internalized.

I manually selected two of your breps and stretched them in the Y direction so they won’t fail to RUnion, but there are other poorly sized walls that also fail. I haven’t got time for the pain (Carly Simon). Oh, and I divided area values by 100 because they are so large (millimeters?). (70.2 KB)

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Dear @HS_Kim & @Joseph_Oster
Thank you all for quick reply
I just do follow to HS_Kim and it work fine
About the tag I want to tag by series number such as for surface is from 1,2,3,…not area