Get image export after geometry computation

I’m trying to get an export image from a model with the Geometry back-end API. It works fine by querying the endpoint. However, it returns the default model before any customisation.

My question is, how to get an export image from the model after customising it? With other words, I change some of the parameters of the model and I would need to export image based on the changed geometry.


Ok, I got this work. The solution was to include the parameter_id and its value to the request as below:

    export_request_body = json.dumps({"exports": {"id": export_id},
                                      "parameters": {parameter_id: parameter_value}

In my case it is a file input to the model. Once I uploaded the new file as input to my model, then I could use the file_id as parameter value.

@Balazs_Kisfali you might be interested to check out this new section in our help center: Understanding the Geometry Backend API
This also includes a video explaining the Geometry Backend API in detail.

thanks @snabela I’ve seen the page but I missed the video, so I’ll check it out :wink: