Get Grasshopper Document Object Count without opening grasshopper

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This is a typical function which extracts and displays some information stored in a GH_Archive instance. The code could probably have more error checking if you want it to deal with corrupt files too, although it is extremely unlikely that a *.gh file is corrupt and still in any way, shape or form readable. The file is compressed so any damage to it at all will cause a failure in decompression.

    private static void DisplayDocumentStatistics(GH_Archive archive)
      var root = archive.GetRootNode;
      var definition = root.FindChunk("Definition");
      var header = definition.FindChunk("DocumentHeader");
      var properties = definition.FindChunk("DefinitionProperties");

      var archiveVersion = root.GetVersion("ArchiveVersion");
      var pluginVersion = definition.GetVersion("plugin_version");
      var documentId = header.GetGuid("DocumentID");
      var documentDate = properties.GetDate("Date");
      var documentName = properties.GetString("Name");

      Console.Write("Archive Version: "); WriteLine(ConsoleColor.DarkCyan, archiveVersion.ToString());
      Console.Write("Plug-In Version: "); WriteLine(ConsoleColor.DarkCyan, pluginVersion.ToString());
      Console.Write("Document ID:     "); WriteLine(ConsoleColor.DarkCyan, $"{{{documentId}}}");
      Console.Write("Document Date:   "); WriteLine(ConsoleColor.DarkCyan, documentDate.ToLongDateString() + " " + documentDate.ToLongTimeString());
      Console.Write("Document Name:   "); WriteLine(ConsoleColor.DarkCyan, $"'{documentName}'");