Get excel accsess via VB

Can someone give me tip how to access a excel workbook by name.?
This try dont work due to pretection level.


Hi @flokart, that code looks like VBScipt, not VB.NET.

You will need to reference some assembly (i.e. dll file) which provides interop with Excel. Once you have that assembly loaded into your code context you can then instantiate objects and call methods.

I can’t help you out here since I do not have Excel, but it seems there are plenty of online pages talking about this. But you must search for VB.NET or C# code, not VBScript.

Hi David,

Haha I found your solution after a lot of search some hours ago.
Found the DLL ind the excel programm folder and add it to the assembly manager but for C# (same procedur i guess).

now i struggle with the declerations in C# (Python nub but with rhino common usage) but it works…step by step.

I use NET in Python for read and write to excel and sort stuff in between but its slow…horrible slow near 1 min but it works befor it tried xlwt xlrd xlutils in python which works perfect but xlutils.copy dont know formulas and clear all links GGRRRRR AAARRRGGHHH.

Then i tried openpyxl which knows formulas but i got a lot of errors due to cpython librarys gggrrrr.

NOW its time for C# to eliminiate this ironpython cpython problem…but i am pretty SURE new problems will appear …i guess thats the programming learning paradoxon you solve some error and two new one appear