Get an equiliteral triangle from a circle

Hi everyone,

I think the title says everthing. I have a circle and want to abtain a (equiliteral) triangle as shown in the picture below:

Geometry classes are too long away,is it possible?

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Triangle is default radius = 3.

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I simply should have tried and seen it is the radius*2. I did not expected it was that simple.

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Just realized its also very simple using pythagoras. (6.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot!

Similar topic.

I searched the forum but did not found this one.
Thanks !

For some fun (not equilateral) (8.4 KB)

Not as dynamic as others, and I didn’t study them all, but this uses an actual geometric construction, maybe others do too.

geometric construction of circumscribed triangle…gh (9.0 KB)