Geometry Pipeline not collecting data

I think this is a bug, but as I’m very new to grasshopper, it might be a lack of understanding on my end.

Yeah that should have found those three objects. I wonder if the wildcard matching algorithm was not properly converted to Mac.

I tried calling named layers and objects, also with no success.

I see this too. Logged in MR-2648. I think David is on to something…and it might just be limited to the layer filter. If you change the layer filter to “Default” (or whatever layer you placed your Cylinder on) and give the Cylinder a name (“Foo”) the component will collect it.

Thanks for reporting this @patircklewis.

This will be fixed in the next RhinoWIP. Thanks again for reporting.

I had the same issue. But I found the way to make it through… the name of the layer should be without a space… and it should work… so for example one word name