Geometry pipeline inside cluster is not recalculated


I don’t understand who forces synchronization of a “Geometry Pipeline” inside a cluster.
Here is a simple demo:

I have the same problem with the “VisualArq Pipeline”
the “Human Pipeline” works better, probably because it has input parameters. ref:

But the default “Geometry Pipeline” and “VisualArq Pipeline” have no input.
The most annoying thing is that even if the data exists in the cluster it is not sent to the cluster outputs.


the only way I was able to deal with that problem is through Metahopper → Expire Object that forces a recompute
but I really don’t know if it’s good practice… :slight_smile:

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Hello @inno
perfect !

At least it works ! : )

I’ve found that the “Enable/Disable” component works better with several components.
On the other hand, updating several clusters remains difficult (with “Expire” or “Enable/Disable”)

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Clearly Human’s Pipeline reacts better.
Thanks to you and MetaHopper, I found an easier solution with multiple clusters:

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