Geometry Gym GSA


I am looking for two features

  1. Define mass property and assign them to nodes

ggym plugin allows to define mass property, but I cannot assign them to any Nodes.

  1. Define Material Curves and assign them to general spring

and assign them to a general spring

Can ggym do this?

Here’s an example of using a mass property to generate a mass element.

191118 mass (5.9 KB)

Let me know if this isn’t what you are looking for or generates what you need.
I’ll come back to you about material curves. We can certainly support this, features like this are enabled in an agile manner.


Thanks for that,

I used your script.

Mass property is getting created - OK

node is getting created - OK

the mass is not assigned to the node - PROBLEM

Can you please advise?

Thanks for reporting this, seems this isn’t a feature that has been used in latest version of GSA.
I’ve just revised the component in the lastest plugin on rhino package manager, if you can please update and test the attached revised example.

230616 mass (6.9 KB)



Thanks so much John. Works perfectly! I really appreciate how quickly you respond. Never experienced such support for any tool i have used in the past.

I notice Oasys has released an addin for GSA - but ggymGSA is leap years beyod that

Love using your Plugin.

Doing the Material Curves + General spring manually for now.
It would be really helpfull if you can push an update for that too.


After your update, now nodal spring property now is not working!

Mass property is working

Linear Spring properties are getting created but not getting assigned

Thanks for the encouraging feedback, it’s always nice to hear.
Adding material curves was reasonably easy, so I’ve done that in the latest build.
I’ve also fixed the node spring property issue you recognized.
Here is an example script, update the plugin again from package manager.
230617 spring prop with material (14.4 KB)

Let me know if you have other requests or problems.