Geometry doesn't load in the viewer

Hello All,
We are modelling a shelf for a company in which certain parameters are given with a JSON. Specifically the origin point of each shelf, the width, type of surface board and the number of boards. Others are given through the normal inputs such as sliders, text input,etc. That is the case for the height and the depth of the shelf as well as the shelf type.
“width”: 2146,
“shelfPosition”: [0,0],
“boardType”: 2,
“numberOfBoards”: 5,
“idx”: 0

We are having a problem with a shelf, that works perfectly in Grasshopper but with certain width and certain shelf type the surface of the boards don’t load in the viewer.

This is how they appear on the Shapediver viewer:

And this is how they are in Grasshopper:

In both cases I have the same JSON, width and depth.
This only happens in the Weitspannregal , Type 1, which shows that it is not a matter of the number of meshes per geometry display.
It also happens no matter what type of surface board we choose (boardtype). I tested this in the case that a texture is not loading, which is then not the case.
Every other possibility would also give an error in the other shelf types, which is why I don’t understand how come it happens only on one.

Any idea what could be causing the problem?

Hi! I would try to rename the string “shelves” to standard programming names like “boxes”, as in the documentation example.
Still it is very curious that it appears only on a shelf in the shapediver. If you can share the definition or part of it, it’s easier to do a more detailed analysis.

Hi Pedro, I thought I posted the solution to the problem. O might as well write it again.
I was using a version of a plug-in, that is not supported by shapediver. I missed that because the plug-in (Pufferfish) is supported but not the latest version. Like any other bug, it is easy to miss when not every component is failing but just some of them.
I replaced every component that was part of that plugin with a work around and it all works now

OK! How nice! It happened to me too and I had to install the old version of Pufferfish, it worked well!