Geodesic Curves on Polysurfaces (not ShortPath)

Hello I’m trying to create a geodesic curve on a polysurface. ShortPath does this on one surface. I have a very complicated Polysurface.

Hello- I do not know of a way to get there in plain Rhino - it may be that a fancy Gtrasshopper plug-in can do this.


this will probably be iterative solution thus not exact. analytcal solution might exist only for a single surface. algorithm would need to alter positions on each subsurface edge and minimize the sum distance.

create it on a mesh, fine-tune stepwise on the polysrf ?

Hey Tom, Pascal, and Juan, I found this which is useful. It’s Kangaroo so already in Rhino 7. I will check out Lion Fish. I have to make a ton of these geodesic curves. So a simple solution not as complicated as this relaxed line approach would be best. Geodesic lines on a Mesh - #9 by davidsmavrov

Here’s a little cluster - it’s still relaxing lines on the surface like the above but perhaps easier to use. (121.7 KB)