Generative lattice/voxel pattern

Hello, I am very new to grasshopper so I am not even sure where to start yet…

It would be very appreciated if you can think of any plug-ins or components to generate this kind of pattern!

Thank you:)


you already posted the same question.

You ask a question withouth giving any clue,

I think you must read the advice given here


I apologize for my previous posts, now I do understand what I overlooked

This is the progress I’ve made so far. I would like to have the Brep figures to be more randomly arranged.
I can think of using random and cull patterns but I don’t quite understand how I could randomly have trues and falses for that

Thank you

I am attaching the grasshopper file and some screenshot images as mentioned. Thank you for your advice and sorry for my mistakes earlier.

ARC402_230302_steel interior (22.6 KB)