Generate points component with c# script

Hi All,

I’m quite confused when it comes to scripting but I’d like to eliminate a Tree explode component by generating the needed outputs directly in the correct number, using a C# script.

I have troubles with adding the original data as point coordinates.
In my example at the moment every branch is added into panels as texts for simplicity and only the first branch is printed in the A output.
Basically what I’d like to get is this, but instead of the script component’s output, I’d like to get all the branches separately, preferrably as simple point components.

Any advise on this?
Imre (11.9 KB)

You don’t need C# or Explode Tree to access a data tree branch. (15.0 KB)

Thanks Joseph, this is interesting and seems very useful for the future, but right now what I need is to apply different sets of components network on each branch of points at the same time and the whole stuff should be versatile since the input can vary (no. of branches can change as well, thus the number of generated components).

Those requirements are common to most GH projects. I see nothing that requires C#.
(except for creating positioned text panels on the fly - a neat parlor trick but is that necessary?)

I don’t want to access only one data tree branch. i need to access all of them at the same time… e.g.: the points in the first branch should be connected with a polyline. Second branch of points should be used as center points of circles. 3rd branch of points will serve as the points where I want to divide a curve, etc.

I just don’t know how to add the coordinates of each branch through the x input to point components (9 branches, 9 point components.)

Sounds pretty vague. I’m not convinced. How about posting an example?

Is that a new requirement? I don’t understand.

all I’d like to get is this (points generated with the C# components have the same data as below with the Explode Tree and their number changes dinamically depending on the input):

the code here is lacking the line where the data from the source to the points is added, as it is my question :slight_smile: (10.2 KB)

Nothing you have said convinces me that C# is required. I’m done.

Unless you want to deal with persistent data on per parameter basis (but that doesn’t make any sense) your approach goes nowhere (i.e. what are going to do if the pts Tree has 666 branches? etc etc).


Tip: Explain in depth what exactly you want to do with the “separated” branches and we’ll see ways to cut the mustard properly.