Futuristic weapon

![Laser Blaster.337zxz565.33745556d5.337455571|690x388]

![Laser Blaster.337zxz565.33745556d5.337455574|690x388]


What are you using for rendering?

keyshot my friend

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As alwasy, impeccable modeling and rendering, @agrewiza!


thanks Sir!

looks like an electric shock gun could also be some sort of laser gun with an air cooled diode of some sort. is there some further explanation as to what it should be? they are modelled like they would be prepared for production, i can barely believe that these are just for fun… any words? nice rendering… i hate guns though. not the water guns, they can be fun, but even then people can get reckless and splash you full even if you dont want to be wet :wink:

I am a 3d printer man. this is for my hobby. After this is done, I display it in my gallery. I like to assemble toys like Tamiya or Gundam.

May I ask what type of printer you are using for this…?