From Stereo to Mono?

I would like to try and repeat this as it sounds like it is a bug in MigratePlugIns. Did the plug-in get listed as an available plug-in to migrate?

Yes, it was listed.

Hmmm, that’s odd then… Did you get any specific error message for that plugin? If so, do you remember what it was?


Hmm, now it becomes difficult (for me).
This is V6:

No Stereo panel available.
But the Plugin is loaded:

I don’t know since when it is gone.

Weird… did you get it working in V7? When was the last time this worked in V6 for you? Just before _MigratePlugins was run? or ???


No, unfortunately I don’t remember.
When I try again, I don’t get Stereo listed:

Did you try dragging and dropping it on V7 like I suggested? It may be that MigratePlugins already sees it as installed on V7 so it no longer lists it… Does it work in V7 for you?


Jeff, I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was available in V6 before I used _MigratePlugins in V7.

Yes of course.
I placed a separate copy of StereoView.rhp into C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\Plug-ins.
Then d&d onto V7.

Stereo is listed in the Plugins section in the options dialog.
But also no entry no entry in the panel menu:

@Charles are you comfortable using RegEdit.exe ?

I just wiped my system of the StereoView plugin…and deleted all references to it from the Registry. I then installed it for V6…everything worked. I started V7, ran MigratePlugins, selected only StereoView, clicked OK, and everything worked there as well.

I’d like to see if the same process works for you. ??



Give me some minutes.

Did as you said.
No Rhino ran, and I cleaned Stereo from the registry by deleting the whole
Then checked there is no Stereo loaded in V6 and also not in V7.
Started V6.
D&D of the rhp on V6.
Still no panel entry:

Also not after shutting down and restarting V6.

I now see I d&d from the wrong folder (from the WIP folder).
Did it all again, this time from the V6 folder; makes no difference.

How shall I proceed?

I’d like you to do it all over again (unfortunately), but this time I want you to delete all versions of the plugin from your computer…

Then use this version of the plugin to install in V6…and see if it migrates correctly to V7…

StereoView.rhp (306 KB)

Yes, I’ll do so.
Back in some minutes.

Hmm, again cleaned the registry and checked if it is not listed in V6.
Started V6.
d&d the new plugin.
V6 says it is loaded, but still no entry in the panels menu.
Right click on the panels…
Yes, Stereo is there!

I now close V6 and start V7.
_MigratePlugins doesn’t offer Stereo.
And no, it is not installed in V7.

I’m out of time today.
Can continue tomorrow.

Ok, please don’t try anything else at this point… @stevebaer will probably want to try tracking down why MigratePlugins isn’t seeing StereoView on your system at this point.


Sure, I’ll do as you say.
Thanks for your effort.