Freeze but Use Objects

Is there a way to “freeze” the shape and locations of objects, but use them in commands where the object shape is not changed. Examples include:
Trim - cutting object
Split - cutting object
Section - object to create section from
Contour - object to create contours from
BlendSrf - edge of surface to blend to
Blend - curve to blend to
Match - curve to match to

Essentially I’d like to freeze the locations of control points of selected objects but still be able to use the objects in creating and modifying other objects This would reduce/eliminate the risk of unintentionally changing geometry.

Lock appears to only allow snapping to a locked object. A locked object cannot be otherwise used.

Hmmm - no… In V5 History> Lock=Yes does essentially this to children of History operations. and Worksession objects that are in attached files behave about this way, but there is no general tool for a sort of ‘soft lock’.


That’s what I suspected. I want to be able to set objects in the active model to behave the same as Worksession objects. Can this be added to the “Wish” list?

Hi David- added as a feature request

(these bugtrack items are not available to the public yet)