Freetype263 issue

When integrating openNURBS by following the instruction here:

Integration works fine when activating the line:


However, when using static lib and not dll (as the default settings), MSVC will always report:
This missing of freetype264.lib is activated by:

where in the provided examples, it seems to be conditionally overwritten by:

If I manually comment out the line in the opennurbs_public.h, then everything seems to work properly.

May I ask what is the purpose of asking freetype263.lib as default settings?
And can we fix the default document or change the mechanism in the github page?

By default, openNURBS does not use Freetype. examples_linking_pragmas.h is a better example to use.

– Dale

I then suggest the open source version of openNURBS should be maintained in a more organized way.

The doc is really inadquate.

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As of today, the official repo of opennurbs still have this issue that by following the readme, projects that use the opennurbs lib always report freetype263 issue.