Force recompute of value listner

Hi @andheum

If I understand correctly the base configuration is to have a default slider (which shouldn’t be updated) and then a value listener component to hear the values from the dashboard.

Setting the listener to ‘live’ makes sense. But if you disable ‘live update’ how can you force the component to recompute without modifying the default slider? It seems to contradict the logic.

Do you need to use F5 recompute or is there another way I should be doing it. I’m guessing from this post, there a Metahopper component which does this?

Essentially I want the user to update lots of sliders and have a ‘data dam’ before those updated values trigger anything downstream.


Pretty sure you can add another T trigger input to the listener with the ZUI.

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@dharman is correct. This just came up in another topic:

@andheum @dharman thanks that worked

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