FlowAlongSrf & Transparency

Iam doing a workflow for some students modellíng a rose using FlowAlongSrf. I model a petal and shapes it from a PictureFrame (I doesnt use trim beucause to more easily reshape it with the controlpoints after the flow) Put texture and a transparency mask and mapped it with UV editor to it to make the edge more natural looking. I array it over the base surface and flow it to the target rose surface ( a edited extruded curve spiral) On the flowed petals the transparency mask becomes inverted. I tried to change direction of the surfaces and invert the color on the mask but it still will show transparency opposite inside/outside as the unflowed petal. Maybe its not possible to flow a UVmapped , textured object with a stable result? RoseFlow.3dm (3.3 MB)
Anyone have a idea?

Rosemask%20inv Rosemask

Hello - I see this - the only workaround I see for the moment is to create two materials with two versions of the transparency map - one of them inverted:

I’ll get this onto the bug pile - thanks for the report.

@scenografi - the mapping on the objects is from a custom object - what object is that and can you post it if it is not still in the file?


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Thanks Pascal. I already found this workaround but it was a bit hard to explain to the students why it was needed to invert the mask. But now I know!
Iam not really shure about what you meen by a custom object. The mapping was made on the first petal in the row on the base surface, i e far left of the flat petals, then arrayed and flowed. All objects used are in the file. But before mapping I was decreasing the amount of polygons in the render mesh to make it more easy to work with in the UVeditor and then increased the mesh back to avoid rendermesh distorsion at the petal edges.

Hello @scenografi - OK, I see- using the UV editor is what assigned a custom object as the mapping object.-

So far, I cannot make it work other than by the work-around.


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