Floating Plans in the Z-Direction


I would like to keep my floor plans on top of each other as of now.
But, why are my plans below, on top or “floating away from each other” ? I know I can manipulate objects on the z-axis. And I’ve tried pressing down on Alt + the up and down arrows, but nothing is happening.

How do I move everything back in one place in the z-direction? Anyone knows?

You may try with the following. Select the objects that you want to be on the same level (I assume it’s 0 on z-axis) and run the “SetPt” command. A pop-up window will appear and will ask you for the axis of flattening. Leave the tick only on “Set Z” (or, right-click “Set Z” to remove the tick from the X-axis and Y-axis). Then click on “OK”. This should put every selected object on the ground level.

PS: Keep in mind that if you try to do this with solid models, the “SetPt” command will make them completely flat. It’s recommended to use this command only on objects that are already flat (curves and drawings, no solid models).

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