Flatten selected polygons to one plane with Script or Gumball

Hey guys! Is there a script that would calculate the overall objects’ normals and would flatten all adjacent selected faces/polys to one selected polygon or to the overall selected normals.
There is a way to set Modo’s transformation tool (scaling) to not go into negative values so in Rhino this would work if there would be a OSnap to the gumball’s center if scaling with gum ball. Thank you.

Sorry asked this before. Thanks @Jarek

@jarek (and all others)This script is having some problems with Rhino 6


Is there an update? Also I would like to have the script working by just selecting the face with CTRL + SHIFT click and then fire FM (Flatten Meshes) as Aliases. (would give me the above warning dialog in Rhino 6)
This script: PlanarizeMeshFaces.rvb (2.3 KB)

Thanks for your help!

Hi Hannes,

All seems to work fine here in V6, I don’t see the Unknown Command error…
Does this command autocomplete on your system?

Also, I don’t see a good way to deal with face preselection right now to modify this script.
Perhaps RhinoCommon (Python) scripting could help with that, if anyone is willing to give it a shot.


@hannesgrebin, not sure if you tried this, if your Gumball is set to “Align to Object” try this:

  1. Select the mesh faces while CTRL and Shift is down
  2. Left-click with your mouse on the blue scale handle and enter 0

This will flatten the selected mesh faces. Does that help ?


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@clement would be awesome to have a snap to zero function as checkbox in gumball menu or prevent negative scaling like in MODO