Flamingo 2 Plugin deactivated after EVERY Rhino 5 Update (Parallels 10)


Everytime I install the latest update from within Rhino 5 “Options/Updates”, the Plugin could NOT be activated on the first start after the update.

I always have to install the Flamingo 2 Disc version (which first uninstalls Flamingo 2 since the Disc version is older than the actually installed version – and be VERY sure to NOT activate “clean uninstall” :frowning: ), and update it to the latest Flamingo 2 Update.

Does anybody have the same issue? Or maybe solved this ;)?

WIN xp 64 PRO (I know, i know …) on Parallels 10, Rhino 5 Latest, Flamingo 2 Latest.

Well, it’s kind of hard to address problems encountered when running old versions of software on an unsupported version of Windows (XP x64) on an unsupported virtual machine (Parallels)… :neutral_face: --Mitch